2014 in review

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The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 13,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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“Is marriage still a good idea?”

“Does it still make sense in our transitory world? Is marriage still a good idea?”

“A lot of people are confused about marriage these days. In the eyes of many, the institution of marriage has become irrelevant, an archaic relic of a simpler and more naïve time. They question whether marriage is still a good idea, particularly in today’s more “liberated” and “enlightened” culture. Concepts such as honor, trust, faithfulness, and commitment seem old-fashioned and out of touch with modern society. Many people change partners as easily as they change shoes “and almost as frequently!).
This confusion over marriage should not surprise us, considering the bewildering barrage of worldly attitudes and philosophies that hits us at every turn. Every day books, magazines, movies, and television soap operas, sitcoms, and prime-time dramas bombard us with images of wives cheating on their husbands and husbands cheating on their wives. Unmarried men and women hop into bed with each other at the drop of a hat, and just as quickly hop out again to find their next partner.
“People today shop for relationships the way they shop for clothes. They “try something on for size,” and if it does not fit they simply try something else. When they find something that suits them they. “We live in a disposable, “cast-off-and-throw-away” society that has largely lost any real sense of permanence. Ours is a world of expiration dates, limited shelf life, and planned obsolescence. Nothing is absolute. Truth exists only in the eye of the beholder and morality is the whim of the moment. In such an environment, is it any wonder that people ask, “Doesn’t anything last anymore? Isn’t there something I can depend on? “The answer is yes. Marriage is still a good idea because it is God’s idea. He created it. He designed it. He established it and defined its parameters. Contrary to much contemporary thought and teaching, marriage is not a human concept. Mankind did not simply dream up marriage somewhere along the line as a convenient way of handling relationships and responsibilities between “men and women or dealing with childbearing and parenting issues. Marriage is of divine origin.

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Failure is not an option

Failure is not an option

We are living in some of the greatest times in our lives. Regardless of what your passion or goals may be you can be successful, failure is not an option, The only failure in life or those who give up trying, never stop dreaming in pursuing your passion Live your life by purpose on purpose and never let anyone kill your dream.

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The Breakdown of Society 2014

The Breakdown of Society

When you see a culture that’s deteriorating look closer and you will probably see a people of God who have withdrawn from the culture and turned it over to the unrighteous to rule. Consider: when Christians began abandoning inner-city and urban neighborhoos, taking their skills, resources, and moral influences with them those neighborhoods deteriorated.

When Christians left the public school system, moral values were systematically erased until they became almost illegal to teach. When Christians vacated the media, then a spiritual approach to defining everything we hold dear went with them. When Christians decided they ought to get out of politics then righteous political decisions left with them. These realities are magnified in minority communities one of the beauties of integration is that minorities won the right to live anywhere they want, but one downside has been that much of the expertise and moral consciousness of the minority community left the inner city leaving behind an absence of the models who are desperately needed to give a community vision and stability. God’s people have been called to penetrate society. Don’t get me wrong, evangelism is always first because without forgiveness of sins, anything else we give a person is temporary. We have been called first and foremost to win people to Christ. But having given a person Christ for eternity , we must also give him Christ in history. We must give him hope in time. The absence of righteousness in our culture has everything to do with the absence of God’s people penetrating th culture. When there is no yeast the bread stays flat, and when there is no Christian influence the culture stays flat.

Never forget your freedom

Never forget your freedom

No one could ever express the gratitude we have for the men and women that served our country and gave their lives for our freedom we will always be grateful for the sacrifice you all have made may God bless, God bless America.

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Second amendment

Second amendment

There or many different opinions and thoughts concerning the Second Amendment. Many people have asked me about my view of the Second Amendment by me being a pastor. My answer is that I am a supporter of the Second Amendment, and I also believe that everyone that’s afraid of a firearm should not be, is all about education and firearms safety, a firearm cannot do anything on its own, some people may not agree with my views on gun-control but I believe this is true, education means everything, do I believe there are people that is irresponsible that do not need Firearms, yes I do, but I also believe that there are more responsible gun owners that outweighs those that are dirty Harry’s and gunslingers why punish the majority for a few, we all agree there are some stupid people out there that have guns, so let’s uphold our Second Amendment be responsible for what we have an educate ourselves and be aware of who we are, we are not dirty Harry’s are gunslingers we are responsible citizens of the United States God bless.

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Words of wisdom from Pastor Timothy V Shockley Sr

Words of wisdom from Pastor Timothy V Shockley Sr

Excellence can never be achieved if your thoughts or never written down. Timothy V Shockley Sr.

The heart of a true champion is the same whether he wins or lose he hold onto his integrity. Timothy V Shockley Sr.

A woman’s heart belongs to the man who will treasure it, and a man of understanding will never misuse you. Timothy V Shockley Sr.

A man with out a vision can never lead his family with purpose. Pastor Timothy V Shockley Sr.

Can you love like Jesus how deep is your love?
Pastor Timothy V Shockley Sr.

Loving God is more than just words we speak it shows in our actions Pastor Timothy V Shockley Sr.

Dating 101.
Mistake number one, never tell a man what you’re looking for in a man he will become exactly that, he will change to his true colors. Allow him to prove that he deserves your heart. This is not all men just most. Pastor Timothy V Shockley Sr.

Dating 101
Dating mistake number two, never try to know someone through a sexual encounter, it will only last a short time. A man should want to know you in the beauty that God has created in you, not for what he can get out of you. Save it for marriage the kingdom way. Pastor Timothy V Shockley Sr.

Dating 101
Dating mistake number three.
If a man has no job, no future, no vision and no purpose, still living with his mother wants to drive your car and take you to work why he’s at home playing Xbox all day that’s probably indication that you don’t need to be with him, this type of person always talk smooth and will always tell you he’s trying to work it out. This is a red flag that you don’t need. Pastor Timothy V Shockley Sr.

A person with lack of vision will always be disappointed in what they do. Vision will never disappoint but will lead you to your purpose. Pastor Timothy V Shockley Sr.

Dating 101
Dating mistake number 4
Just because a man tell’s you he love you is not a key to the Magic Kingdom. Save it for the man God sends you the kingdom way. Pastor Timothy V Shockley Sr.

Life is not about how much you have but how much do you appreciate. Pastor Timothy V Shockley Sr.

What I eat and what I drive is less important than who I am. Pastor Timothy V Shockley Sr.

Hatred will hurt you but love will set you free.
Pastor Timothy V Shockley Sr

Life is like a football game sometime Lord just let me make it to halftime. Timothy V Shockley Sr.

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